Every year, the PTA works to provide these Cultural Arts enrichment opportunities through your support.  
Here is what is going on this year:
September 11-15,2017
5th Grade Batik Workshop 
Week-long Batik workshop for 5th graders with resident artist, Leni Newell.  Students create their own individual Batiks, and develop an understanding of this fiber art form with both African and Indonesian roots. This unusual process involves melted wax and vibrant fabric dyes.  
WE NEED YOUR HELP!    Please volunteer to help during any shift during BATIK week if you are available. You can sign up to volunteer at http://signup.com/go/9NdEv9 or you can email our Cultural Arts Chairperson, Virginia Maier, at virginiamaier7@gmail.com
3rd Grade Poetry Workshop
Week-long poetry workshop for 3rd graders with resident poet, Michael Beadle.  Students learn how sound is used in poems and how poetry takes shape on the page.
 Michael Beadle, Timber Drive Resident Poet
4th Grade Writers Workshop 
Week-long writers workshop for 4th graders with resident writer, Tony Peacock.  In this workshop, the Artist motivates students to think about and experience the power of self-expression through the written word.His teaching emphasizes a writing process that builds self-esteem in students and promotes the sharing of stories.
Tony Peacock, Timber Drive Resident Writer and 2014 National Hollerin' Champion
2nd Grade Drum Workshop
Day-long drum workshop for 2nd graders with resident musician, Gregory Whitt.  Students learn the history, construction, and traditional uses of the djembe drum from West Africa.  EVERYONE has the opportunity to drum TOGETHER, and each song  has a specific underlying moral, ethic, or principle like gratitude, unity, respect, and connection to nature.
Gregory Whitt, Timber Drive Resident Musician
The PTA also hosts performances at the school.  
This year we will feature The Great Pirate Race on Tuesday, February 13th.